Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

DIY'ing can be a very appealing budget-friendly option for those couples who have the time, friends, &  family to create your own designs. Before you decide, ask yourself...
Do you have enough time? (really think about this one... this is a very time-consuming task) Do you have help? Do you have a workspace? Do you have the ability to transport and store your flowers? Do you have someone available on the day of set up? Do you have a plan to keep your flowers protected from temps that are below freezing or extremely hot?

Q & A

How many stems are in a bundle?

Approximately 70 of the most gorgeous flowers you have ever seen! Large focal flowers, dainty filler flowers and yummy smelling herbs and lush greens.

Can I choose the color palette?

Yes, we certainly try to stay as close as possible. 

How many arrangements can I make with a bundle?

It depends on how lush you like the designs. For example you could create 5-8 quart sized "mason jar" arrangements with 1 bundle.

When do I pick up my bundles?

We recommend a day prior to the event.

How do I care for my flowers?

Care instructions are given the day of pick up

Do you deliver?

No. Delivery is not available 

What flowers are blooming the month of my wedding?

Check out our What's Bloomin' On page for more information. You can also follow us on Instagram as we post weekly of what's blooming in the fields, 
Go to What’s Bloomin’ On Page

Should I bring a bucket?

YES!! We strongly suggest transporting your flowers in water. Buckets that will work; 5gal, or wastepaper basket size. Buckets MUST BE CLEAN

Are the flowers fresh? How long will they last?

Fresh-ABSOLUTELY! Our flowers/foliage are harvested 3 days prior to the event, placed in water with hydrating solution and then stored in our cooler to harden off. If your flowers are cared for properly most will last a week!!

Do you offer a basic design workshop?

No, our schedule is quite full. However, I will offer a few tips and tricks the day of pick up.