What's Bloomin' On

With our seasons forever changing, our blooms do the same. Our fields are planted with perennials and a variety of speciality cut flowers! If you don't see the specific flowers you have in mind, we can source them has locally as possible. Come take a walk with me through our fields....

Our Field of Dreams

Come get lost in the natural wonder of our flower farm

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A Little History

Our farm is located in the Hudson Valley region on the Ghent Flats, fabled for its remarkably rich soil. In the second quarter of the 1700's, Dutch settlers moved to the area and began to farm on the land already cleared by earlier inhabitants.

The Ghent Flats constituted part of a large tract of land held by the Hogeboom family under lease from the Van Rensselaers, a notable family in the history of New York. The Hogebooms, founders of the town of Ghent, farmed the land for generations and played a critical role in the historical development of Columbia County.

On The Farm

Flower Blossom Farm is situated in the middle of hundreds of acres of locally farmed fields that provide the backdrop for our flower gardens. Each day, each season brings new delights, the freshness and sweet colors of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the fiery shades of fall and the stark elegance of winter.

Flower CSA

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food/floral production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers. In short: You (The Community) play a MAJOR role in keeping small farms alive. Purchasing a CSA “share” means that you are choosing to support small farms like us . Your purchase of a CSA share helps us fund our farm season and you are rewarded with our beautiful blooms!

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